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Welcome! - wonderland falls tomorrow

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February 25th, 2007

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11:26 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to Worlds in the Sky!

This community is going to be all about our favorite instrumental groups. Mostly World's End Girlfriend, seeing as how there are *no* communities out there. But also, we'll be talking about Katsuhiko Maeda's side projects, World's End Boyfriend and Wonderland Falling Yesterday.

Also included is the instrumental indie band, Explosions in the Sky.

We'll talk about the Japanese group Mono, which is a lot like EITS and WEG combined.

Finally, our other main focus will be Yann Tiersen, who, as many of you may know, did the soundtrack to Amelie. He has several albums out and we'll be following him too~

Don't be afraid because we don't have a lot of members yet...D:

It'll happen. ♥
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - Deep

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