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Samples (updated) - wonderland falls tomorrow

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November 11th, 2007

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11:34 pm - Samples (updated)
Here are some sample songs of each artist (the majority are in .m4a files):

EDIT: I've also decided to include the band M83 in this listing.

World's End Girlfriend
Call Past Rain
We Are the Massacre
[Neat little summary of their style I wrote]

Explosions in the Sky
Your Hand in Mine
Magic Hours

Yann Tiersen
La Noyée
Le Jour D'avant

A Thousand Paper Cranes
[these two are not my favorites off of the CDs I have, but because most of their songs are so long, there are very few under 10kb that Box.net would let me upload for free]

In the Church
Violet Tree

Disclaimer: These songs are intended for sample use only -- the RIAA dictates that you delete these songs from your computer 24 hours after download. If you like these songs, please go to iTunes or Amazon and buy the CDs to support the artist.
Current Music: M83 - Violent Tree

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